MMA Gloves

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  • 100% genuine leather for super durable, long lasting, ultra-resilient training gloves
  • The best of everything from stitching to style.
  • Over 1” of infused foam in dual segments over knuckle area and back of hand
  • .5” of infused foam over thumb for additional protection while striking
  • Elastic combined with 8” strap system provides excellent wrist stability
  • Moisture wicking/No slip fabric on glove interior
  • Weight: Approx. 7 oz.
  • Leather finger loops lined with moisture wicking fabric make for a comfortable fit.

    Moisture wicking fabric on glove interior allows for a dry, long lasting glove. Open palm design allows you to work from heavy striking into take downs and/or submissions.

    Weight: Approx. 7 oz.