DVD Series 1-Volumes 1-6 DVD Pack

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DVD Series 1-Volumes 1-6 DVD Pack. Get all 6 Volumes for one low price! Featuring Jerry Poteet (an original student of Bruce Lee) and considered by many to be 'one of the most knowledgeable Jeet Kune Do men to ever live!'  Run Time: 50-60 min/each

Volume 1 (#VT0611A) features demonstrations and combat applications of the JKD Lead Leg/Lead Hand Fighting Method, Economy of Motion Principles, JKD Jab vs. Boxing Jab, the Longest weapon to the Closest Target Concept, demonstrations of JKD simplicity, basic JKD Body Mechanics and more!

Volume 2 (#VT0621A) features Bruce Lee's methods for developing power in punches & kicks. Includes the famous JKD Broken Rhythm Training Method, Focus Glove Impact Training, JKD Modified Boxing, the unique Inverted Kick, the JKD Short Arc Principle to develop maximum skill and more!

Volume 3 (#VT0631A) features Bruce Lee's vital Energy Drills with various combat applications, the 'Chinatown Era Trapping' and much more!

Volume 4 (#VT0641A) covers the 'Essence of Jeet Kune Do', demos & breakdowns of JKD Hand & Leg Attacks (Attack by Combinations), JKD Boxing Drills (Attack by Drawing), Chi Sao & Don Chi (Hand Immobilization Attack), Hand & Leg Application of Single Attack and the ultimate in finesse, Progressive Indirect Attack.

Volume 5 (#VT0651A) shows how to develop utmost potential with systematic training methods devised by Bruce Lee. Covers the Heavy Bag, Top & Bottom Bag, Wing Chun Dummy, Focus Gloves, Hanging Newspaper, Wrist Roller, Foot Obstruct Kicking Apparatus and much more!

Volume 6 (#VT0661A) has Fran Poteet-Joseph showing how men & women of smaller physical stature & children can effectively apply the Jeet Kune Do concepts in combat. Includes the JKD Eyejab, Progressive Impact Training, application of energy training on a larger opponent, power development utilizing unique body armor and much more! (Boxes and packaging may vary from picture.)

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